Energy Investors AS is a company established to pursue business build opportunities in the fields of energy, technology and finance, especially arising from market, technology and business model discontinuities. This includes opportunity identification, concept maturation, execution and operations. As appropriate this is to be combined with ownership positions and investments. The company also highly selectively offers advisory services.

Energy Investors AS primary geographic focus is on the Nordics, Latin America and Africa.

Energy Investors AS also manages a portfolio of financial instruments, especially mutual funds, exchange traded funds and bonds. This ensures liquidity and market proximity with the main share of positions related to the priority investment areas.

Energy Investors AS acted as a co-founder and anchor investor in DBO Energy, a Brazilian registered Oil and Gas, Exploration and Production focused company. This company was formed in 2016 with the aspiration to access, develop and operate oil & gas fields offshore Brazil. It has by now advanced a number of priority projects. See

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Energy Inverstors AS works in partnerships and cooperates with a network of investment managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and operators.

On daily basis Energy Investors AS is led by Svein Harald Øygard, in his role as General Manager

Svein Harald serves as the Chairman of the Board of DBO Energy.

Svein Harald holds a Cand. Oecon (Economics) degree from the University of Oslo, 1985. Main program areas included macroeconomics, microeconomics, public finances, finance and monetary policy and statistics. He also has a degree in Social Science and Public Administration from Oppland Regional College in 1980.

He has more than 20 years of experience in McKinsey & Company. His main areas of work included Oil & Gas, Power & Renewables, Manufacturing and Finance, especially on strategy, innovation and business build. He helped to develop and execute business opportunities among others in upstream oil, gas and gas based industries, LNG (FSRU, FLNG and land finance based terminals), silicon, solar, renewable power, carbon, consumer products, retail and marine sectors (wild catch, feed, salmon, other species), working parly for industrials and partly for private equity.

He served as Global Knowledge Leader Oil & Gas 2010-2014 leading McKinsey’s knowledge development and research on Oil & Gas and led the LatAm Oil & Gas practice 2013-2016. He led McKinsey Norway 2005-2007.

In the aftermath of the Icelandic Financial crisis, he served as interim Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland (Sedlabanki Islands) through 2009, to help lead the first stage of the recovery. He headed the Monetary Policy Committee and Sedlabanki’s cooperation with IMF. He also led the Icelandic Bank Restructuring Committee in the recapitalization processes, as the restructured “new banks” were recapitalized.

He was Deputy Minister of Finance of Norway 1990-1994 with a focus on macroeconomics, structural policies, the financial sector and taxation.

From 1985 to 1990 he worked in the economics departments in the Ministry of Finance of Norway, as Permanent Secretary to the Economic Policy Committee of the Norwegian Parliament and as Economic Advisor to the Labor Party Parliamentary Group.


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Contact phone for priority requests only:
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Energy Investors AS is co-located with TRK Group and Arundo AS.