Current portfolio

Energy Investors AS is to pursue business build opportunities in the fields of energy, technology and finance; especially arising from technology market and business model discontinuities. This includes opportunity identification, concept maturation and execution. As appropriate this is to be combined with ownership positions and investments, alone or with partners.

Energy Investors AS also manages a portfolio of financial instruments, especially mutual funds, exchange traded funds and bonds. This ensures liquidity and market proximity. The allocation between categories of instruments is reviewed based on market considerations. It is expected that the share of direct owned equity in non-listed securities, will increase gradually over time as business opportunities mature.

Projects in progress

As of early 2019 the main focus is on reviewing and maturing projects in the technology, renewables and energy sectors in the Nordics, Latin America and Africa. Energy Investments works as of early 2019 on a portfolio of half a dozen projects and investment opportunities, within the defined focus area of the company.

Energy Investors AS acted as a co-founder and anchor investor in DBO Energy. This company was formed in 2016 with the aspiration to access, develop and operate oil & gas fields offshore Brazil. It has by now advanced a number of priority projects. See The investment in DBO is by end 2018 the single largest position of Energy Investors AS.

Energy Investors AS is also invested into/in the process of investing into about half a dozen not listed ventures.


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Contact phone for priority requests only:
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Energy Investors AS is co-located with TRK Group and Arundo AS.